What Happened To Pinoleblue After Shark Tank?

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Pinoleblue, a distinguished startup showcased on Season 13, Episode 14 of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” has emerged as a frontrunner in the health food industry. Offering a delectable range of traditional Mexican delicacies packed with nourishment and medicinal properties, Pinoleblue centers its offerings around blue corn superfoods. Founder Eddie Sandoval made a bold ask of $300,000 for a 10% stake in the company during the show.

The brand prides itself on a unique blend of organic, vegan, and chemically-free food products, aligning with the growing global market trends. With the organic food market valued at $187,485.6 million and the vegan food market steadily expanding at $17 billion, Pinoleblue operates in a highly competitive sector with numerous unicorn startups.

An Ode to Tradition and Health: Pinoleblue’s Essence

Pinoleblue embodies the spirit of honoring traditions and customs through its heritage foods, uniting cultures and promoting organic, vegan, and nutritionally rich offerings. Specializing in crafting Pinole, Blue Corn, and other Mexican food items, the brand’s roots lie in the founder’s family farmhouse in Chihuahua, Mexico. The organic blue corn, renowned for its high protein, fiber, and unique antioxidants, was officially launched in 2017, with the company based in Wichita, Kansas.

The heart of Pinoleblue lies in processing ancient ingredients akin to Tarahumara traditions, offering an array of products like Snacks, Apparel, Mixes, and Tortillas. The most popular among their offerings are the Traditional Stone Ground Blue Corn Tortillas and the Azulita Bundle.

The Architects Behind Pinoleblue’s Success

Eddie Sandoval, the CEO and founder, hails from Chihuahua, Mexico, leveraging his family’s culinary expertise to birth the business. With a finance degree from Wichita State University, Eddie, in tandem with two other key individuals, laid the foundation for Pinoleblue. Notably, Kyle Offutt, the content creator, spearheads the brand’s online visibility and outreach.

Pre-Shark Tank Success and Community Engagement

Before its “Shark Tank” appearance, Pinoleblue had been steadily growing, making its mark in Wichita and gaining recognition in popular magazines. Notably, the brand extended support during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing food to 14 million people, creating employment opportunities, and prioritizing the health conditions of those in need.

Another Pitches

Post Shark Tank Growth and Milestones

Following the “Shark Tank” exposure, Pinoleblue experienced a surge in visibility and sales, bolstered by their appearance. The brand’s products found placement in various marketplaces and retail stores, even collaborating with renowned names like Taco Naco KC and securing distribution through KeHE.

Their journey of growth and impact continued in 2023, expanding their reach to over 50 retail stores, including major chains like Whole Foods, Farmer Market, Cornucopia Market, and Cox Farms Market. Noteworthy achievements include winning the Good Food Awards 2022 in the grain category and their philanthropic contributions to the Tarahumara Community Tribes in Mexico.

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Shark Tank Impact and Ongoing Success

pinole blue net worth
pinole blue net worth

Despite not securing investment on the show, Pinoleblue witnessed increased sales and profitability post-“Shark Tank.” The estimated net worth soared to $3 million, affirming the brand’s success trajectory. This demonstrates the resonance of the founder’s pitch and the market’s receptiveness.

Continued Operations and Media Presence

As of August 2023, Pinoleblue remains operational, available not only in offline marketplaces but also thriving in the online sphere, notably on Amazon. With headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, the brand continues to make waves in the health food industry, gaining recognition in various media publications like Midwest Living, Kwch12HD, and BuzzFeed.

Conclusion: Sustaining Tradition in a Modern Health-Food Market

Pinoleblue’s journey reflects a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, positioning itself in the thriving landscape of health-conscious food choices. As the brand moves forward, it sustains its commitment to honoring heritage foods and cultures while embracing modern trends in organic, vegan, and nutritionally rich offerings. The brand’s ongoing success signals its resonance with a market seeking both tradition and health in their dietary choices.

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