Is Suds2Go Still In Business? Latest Update After Shark Tank

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Suds2Go entered the entrepreneurial scene during the challenging times of the 2018 Pandemic, offering a portable handwash system designed to meet the surging demand for hand hygiene. Gabe and Cindy Trevizo, the husband-and-wife duo behind them embarked on their entrepreneurial journey with resilience, determination, and an innovative product.

The Birth of Suds2Go:

Amidst a world facing the turmoil of a pandemic, the need for accessible hand hygiene solutions grew exponentially. They emerged as a solution, providing a portable handwash bottle equipped with foam soap, catering to people on the go, whether at playgrounds, colleges, or offices.

Suds2Go’s product addressed the need for efficient handwashing without requiring excessive water, offering a solution that was convenient and effective. The growing emphasis on hand hygiene due to the pandemic significantly increased the usage of such products, with the company witnessing a notable surge in demand.

Introduction to Suds2Go’s Founders:

Gabe Trevizo, the creator of Suds2Go, alongside Cindy Trevizo, navigated the arduous beginnings of their startup. Gabe’s job loss in August 2021 led to a pivotal moment in their entrepreneurial journey, prompting him to delve into various jobs, including valeting cars, landscaping, and portering, highlighting the challenges and sacrifices made in pursuit of their dream.

Their emotional pitch on Shark Tank captured their struggle and determination, resonating with many. Gabe’s tearful recollection of their hardships struck a chord, portraying the grit and resilience essential in the startup world.

Suds2Go’s Pre-Shark Tank Journey:

Before their Shark Tank appearance, the Trevizos worked tirelessly to fund their startup. Various odd jobs and financial challenges motivated them to explore a unique business idea. They leveraged personal savings, a Kickstarter campaign that raised $12,500, and a personal loan of $150,000 to establish Suds2Go. Their dedication and efforts resulted in initial sales of 4,000 bottles, translating to $392,000 in just four months.

During the Shark Tank pitch, Gabe revealed the company’s financial standing, with $90,000 in the bank and $120,000 in inventory. Their swift sales growth showcased the product’s market potential and customer appeal.

Suds2Go’s Shark Tank Experience:

The Trevizos entered the Shark Tank seeking a $200,000 investment in exchange for a 10% equity stake in Suds2Go. Their heartfelt presentation touched on their journey and the product’s potential.

Kevin O’Leary highlighted the presence of a competitor in the market, leading him to opt out. Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec also declined the offer, citing concerns over market competition and future prospects.

However, Daymond John and Robert Herjavec showed interest in the business, leading to a counteroffer of $200,000 for 22.5% and $200,000 for 15%, respectively. Eventually, Cindy and Gabe accepted Robert Herjavec’s offer, cementing a partnership to navigate their growth.

Post Shark Tank Growth and Development:

suds2go shark tank update
suds2go shark tank update

The Shark Tank deal with Robert Herjavec marked a turning point for them. Robert provided critical guidance and support in marketing, manufacturing, and technology, bolstering the brand’s expansion.

Suds2Go capitalized on the exposure gained from Shark Tank, witnessing a surge in sales and garnering attention across various media platforms. The company’s sales growth post-Shark Tank indicated the positive impact of the investment and partnership with Herjavec.

Current Status and Ongoing Innovations:

As of April 2023, Suds2Go continues to thrive, offering new product lines like the Suds2Go Foaming Hand Soap and Suds2Go Replacement Pump. The brand’s endeavors to introduce innovative products signify their commitment to meeting evolving consumer needs.

While the product received positive reviews, sales on platforms like Amazon were moderate, indicating potential for further market penetration and customer reach.

Suds2Go’s Impact and Market Presence:

They made a remarkable impact in the hygiene market, addressing the growing need for portable hand hygiene solutions. Their stylish and convenient product design appeals to consumers looking for effective yet aesthetically pleasing handwash options.

While the company faces competition and challenges in a crowded market, its success and ongoing presence demonstrate the relevance and importance of their innovative solution.

Suds2Go’s Continued Operations:

The company’s enduring presence on various online platforms like Amazon, eBay, and their official website underscores their ongoing operations and commitment to meeting consumer demand.

Suds2Go’s Valuation and Financial Standing:

The valuation of Suds2Go post-Shark Tank was estimated at $1.3 million, reflecting the brand’s growing value and market potential. The initial sales figures and subsequent growth demonstrate a positive trajectory for the company’s financial standing.

Conclusion – Suds2Go’s Ongoing Journey:

In conclusion, Suds2Go stands as a testament to determination, innovation, and the resilience of entrepreneurial spirit. The Trevizos’ emotional journey and successful partnership with Robert Herjavec on Shark Tank propelled the company into a phase of accelerated growth and market presence.

The ongoing developments, new product introductions, and sustained operations illustrate their commitment to meeting consumer needs and innovating in the evolving hygiene market. Their story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs navigating challenges in the startup landscape.

As of April 2023, they continues its operations, striving to make a lasting impact in the hygiene industry.

This update encompasses the story of Suds2Go, showcasing its evolution, challenges, and ongoing journey post-Shark Tank, illustrating its resilience and commitment to innovation.

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