What are the future plans for Slick Barrier After Shark Tank?

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Slick Barrier, a groundbreaking pest control innovation, has not only changed the way we keep bugs out of our homes but has also carved a path to eco-friendly and non-toxic pest management. Founded by the dynamic duo, Tony Gonzales and Aaron Gonzales, this remarkable venture is rewriting the rules of pest control with an inventive and sustainable approach.

Slick Barrier’s core product is a liquid, an ingenious creation that, when applied to the walls of a house, forms an ultra-smooth surface. This unique liquid barrier serves as an impenetrable defense against the invasion of pesky insects, making it a superior alternative to traditional pesticides, which primarily focus on extermination.

The Genesis of Slick Barrier: A Scorpion-Infested Dilemma

The origin story of Slick Barrier takes us to Aaron Gonzales and his wife Melissa, who unwittingly purchased a home in Arizona plagued by a notorious adversary: the Arizona Bark Scorpion. These venomous arachnids posed a significant threat to their household, particularly to their three-year-old child. In their pursuit to eliminate the scorpion infestation, the Gonzales family tried various pest control methods, but none provided a lasting solution.

The turning point occurred when Aaron suffered a scorpion bite, raising alarm bells about the safety of their family. Frustrated by the limitations of existing pest control methods, the Gonzales family decided to sell their home in search of a safer haven.

It was during this challenging period that Aaron made a profound observation. He noticed that most pests, including scorpions, struggled to climb smooth and slippery surfaces. This observation sowed the seeds of an innovative idea: what if they could create a slick, pest-proof barrier on their home’s walls? The concept of a physical pest control barrier was born—a concept that would become the cornerstone of Slick Barrier’s pioneering solution.

Joining Forces: The Birth of Slick Barrier

slick barrier net worth
slick barrier net worth

Aaron’s realization about the effectiveness of smooth surfaces as a pest deterrent did not go unnoticed. Tony Gonzales, who was grappling with a scorpion problem of his own at his residence, recognized the game-changing potential of this innovative approach. He decided to team up with Aaron, merging their strengths and visions to bring their groundbreaking idea to fruition.

The duo embarked on a remarkable journey to develop what is now known as the Slick Barrier system. They collaborated with skilled chemists and manufacturers, dedicating themselves to perfecting the formula for their liquid barrier. To validate the effectiveness of their product, they conducted rigorous testing at renowned institutions such as Texas A&M University and New Mexico State University. The results were nothing short of exceptional, confirming that their product could effectively halt the progress of various pests.

In 2021, Slick Barrier marked a significant milestone by securing two patents for its Pest Barrier System, reinforcing the uniqueness and exclusivity of their solution.

Slick Barrier Meets the Sharks

The breakthrough moment for Slick Barrier arrived when they were invited to make their television debut on the renowned show Shark Tank. During Season 14, Episode 13, which aired on January 27, 2023, Tony and Aaron had the opportunity to present their pioneering product to a panel of potential investors—the Sharks.

In their pitch to the Sharks, Tony and Aaron emphasized the core principle of Slick Barrier: it is a pesticide-free physical barrier that prevents bugs from invading homes. To illustrate the product’s efficacy, they showcased two houses side by side—one treated with the Slick Barrier and the other left untreated. The difference was astonishing: scorpions could easily scale the untreated house, but they found the house protected by Slick Barrier impenetrable.

Seeking a $500,000 investment in exchange for a 10% equity stake in their company, Tony and Aaron captivated the attention of the Sharks. They selected Kevin O’Leary to conduct a stress test of their product by standing on a brick coated with Slick Barrier. The product stood the test admirably.

As part of their pitch, Tony and Aaron provided insight into their sales history. In 2020, they achieved $180,000 in sales, with the majority stemming from providing services. In 2021, their total revenue reached $650,000, with $450,000 from services and $200,000 from product sales. Initially, they had primarily supplied the product to pest control companies. However, they transitioned to direct product sales in 2022, with their water-based product generating $50,000 in sales the previous month.

The Sharks’ responses were diverse. Mark Cuban expressed concerns about the structure of their revenue and the absence of a percentage of service revenue, leading him to decline the investment opportunity. Kevin O’Leary, too, passed on the opportunity, expressing doubts about the company’s $5 million valuation. Robert Herjavec questioned the practicality of the product for home use, leading to his decision to opt out. Daymond John followed suit in declining to invest.

In contrast, Lori Greiner saw potential in Slick Barrier and expressed her interest in making an investment, albeit with certain conditions. Her willingness to work with the entrepreneurs was a testament to the promise of their groundbreaking product.

Slick Barrier Post-Shark Tank

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Slick Barrier garnered significant attention, leading to a substantial increase in visitors to their website. The exposure on the show provided them with a platform to share their story, their revenue statistics, and the inspiration behind their product with a broader audience.

As of January 2023, Slick Barrier remains a thriving business, committed to offering its pioneering pest control solution. Their dedication to providing a safe and effective alternative to traditional pesticides has resonated with consumers, particularly in regions like Arizona, where pest issues are a common concern.

With an estimated net worth of approximately $1 million, Slick Barrier’s journey exemplifies the impact of innovative thinking and the potential of fresh, eco-friendly solutions in the pest control industry. The partnership of Tony Gonzales and Aaron Gonzales serves as an inspiring example of how addressing common challenges with creative perspectives can position a company as a promising player in the market.

Slick Barrier’s enduring presence and success underscore the importance of finding eco-friendly and effective solutions for everyday challenges while making a positive impact on the environment and the well-being of homeowners. This Shark Tank success story serves as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation that continues to thrive in the business world.

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