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Worthy Brands

Worthy Brands: A Journey Beyond Shark Tank

Worthy Brands, a unique venture in the field of chemotherapy port patches, was founded by Paige Brattin in 2017. The driving force behind this enterprise was a heartfelt story involving her daughter, Addie, who was diagnosed with amblyopia at the age of 5. Amblyopia, a condition leading to childhood vision loss, affects approximately 1 in every 45 children.

The conventional remedy for amblyopia involves applying a patch to the stronger eye, encouraging the weaker eye to improve its vision. However, Paige Brattin encountered a challenge while searching for a safe and comfortable patch for her daughter. The limited options available prompted her to take matters into her own hands, giving rise to the creation of Worthy Brands.

Worthy Brands

Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, affects 2-3% of children below the age of 7. Its success rate in treatment varies from 30% to 92%. These statistics highlight the importance of accessible and comfortable eye patches, precisely what they aimed to provide.

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Expanding the Vision

Worthy Brands initially focused on addressing the needs of children with amblyopia, offering patches that were not only effective but also comfortable. However, the potential of the business expanded as it ventured into the realm of chemotherapy port patches.

According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 1 million people undergo chemotherapy in the United States every year. This growing number of chemotherapy patients presented Worthy Brands with a significant opportunity to expand its business.

When Paige Brattin entered the Shark Tank in Season 15, Episode 1, she sought a $250,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity in her company, valuing Worthy Brands at $2.5 million.

Worthy Brands: A Beacon of Quality

Worthy Brands is renowned for producing high-quality eye patches, port patches, and bandages designed to prioritize safety and comfort for users. These patches are hypoallergenic, sterile, non-toxic, non-latex, gluten-free, and FDA-approved, ensuring that they meet stringent standards for medical products.

It’s worth noting that while these patches offer exceptional comfort and safety, they are not waterproof and should not be worn while swimming or in water.

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The Founder Behind the Brand

The driving force behind Worthy Brands, Paige Brattin, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey after completing her Master of Arts from the University of New Hampshire. Her commitment to addressing the needs of children with amblyopia and chemotherapy patients led to the establishment of Worthy Brands in 2017.

The Shark Tank Pitch

Paige Brattin’s appearance on Shark Tank was marked by an emotional pitch that not only explained the essence of her business but also shared the poignant journey of her daughter’s struggle with amblyopia. In the pitch, she revealed that Worthy Brands had begun generating sales in 2019, with total sales reaching $1.7 million from 2019 to 2022. Impressively, the company had already achieved $200,000 in sales in the current year.

Each patch costs $7 to produce, with each box being sold for $27.50. Despite the promising numbers, none of the Sharks decided to invest in Worthy Brands, ultimately passing on the opportunity.

Life After Shark Tank

While Worthy Brands may not have secured an investment deal on Shark Tank, the exposure from the show resulted in a surge of orders for the company. This influx of business demonstrated the public’s interest in the products offered by Worthy Brands.

As of the latest update, the business remains profitable, and there is a growing need to allocate resources for marketing efforts to further expand its reach.

Worthy Brands’ Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Worthy Brands currently stands at $0.8 million. The relatively low competition in the chemotherapy port patches industry positions the company favorably for future growth and potential expansion into a significant brand.

A Resilient Presence

Worthy Brands continues to operate and serve its clientele. Much of its sales come from referrals by medical professionals, highlighting the trust and credibility the brand has established in the medical community. Additionally, Worthy Brands has garnered a remarkable 77% 5-star rating on Amazon, indicating the satisfaction of its customers.

The company is headquartered in Kaiwaihai, Hawaii, United States, with Paige Brattin diligently managing the business.

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In conclusion, as of October 2023, Worthy Brands remains a steadfast presence in the field of chemotherapy port patches, dedicated to providing high-quality and comfortable solutions for individuals facing medical challenges. Despite the absence of a Shark Tank deal, the company’s resilience, positive customer reviews, and growth potential make it a noteworthy player in the healthcare industry.

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