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Wanna Date

What Was the Status of Wanna Date After Shark Tank?


Following its Shark Tank appearance, Wanna Dates, a business founded in October 2017 by Melissa Bartow, took a significant turn. Melissa encountered early hurdles when introducing her vegan date spread but persisted in building the brand.

Melissa’s discovery of date fruits in New York sparked the idea for Wanna Dates, as she was impressed by their quality and taste. After months of experimentation, she established the business in 2017.

To scale her venture, Melissa sought a $100,000 investment for 20% equity on Shark Tank. This marked a pivotal moment for the brand’s trajectory.

What is Wanna Date?

Wanna Dates represents a line of natural, vegan date spreads in various flavors such as Cinnamon, Chocolate, Cookies, Vanilla, and Pumpkin Spice. The product stands out for being 100% vegan, paleo, grain-free, and keto-friendly, offering a healthier alternative with just 30 calories per serving, significantly lower than other spreads in the market.

Who Is The Founder Of Wanna Date?

Melissa Bartow established Wanna Date in 2017. Following her completion of a bachelor’s degree at New York University, Melissa gained experience as a Seasonal Holiday Market Assistant at Urbanspace.

Shark Tank Pitch Of Wanna Date?

Melissa delivered a compelling pitch to the Sharks upon entering the tank. The Sharks sampled various flavors of the date spread and expressed a strong liking for it.

Within 10 months, they achieved total sales of $31,000. The product’s manufacturing cost, inclusive of labels, amounts to $2.40, while it retails for $12.

Captivated by his fondness for the product, Mark Cuban made an offer of $100,000 for 33% equity. After a brief moment of consideration, Melissa accepted Mark’s offer.

Wanna Date

What Was the Condition of Wanna Date After Shark Tank?

Following its success on Shark Tank, they secured a deal as Mark Cuban invested in the fruit company. To enhance sales, Melissa introduced the product on Amazon, resulting in a significant sales surge.

In 2020, they innovatively expanded its product line by launching Date Dough lines, featuring diverse flavors like Snickerdoodle, Chocolate, and Birthday Cake. The company’s website also hosted tutorial videos showcasing creative Date Dough recipes.

As guided by Mark Cuban’s insight, Melissa unveiled the original Date spread product. The deal with Mark Cuban was formally closed in August 2020.

By August 2022, Wanna Date’s product was accessible at over 200 Whole Foods and other individual retail stores, and by December 2022, it had expanded to over 100 HomeGoods stores.

Shark Tank Update for Wanna Date

After securing funding for Shark Tank, the product’s sales experienced a significant increase. Currently, it seems that Mark Cuban has finalized the deal. However, the official progress report of the company has not yet been disclosed.

Another Pitches

Umaro Foods

Truffle Shuffle

Net Worth of Wanna Date?

Wanna Date is estimated to have a net worth of $1.6 million. According to credible sources, the global Date Fruit Market Size was estimated at $12,150 million in 2020 and is projected to reach $17,240 million by 2027.

Is Wanna Date Still In Business?

Wanna Date Business commenced in 2017 and continues to operate successfully. Initially, Founder Melissa dedicated her full-time efforts to the business, but she now holds the role of Studio and instructor Manager at New York Pilates.

Situated in the Greater New York City area, the company has a staff of 5-10 employees, as per LinkedIn records.

Yes, theyremains operational as of August 2023.

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