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Incredible Eats

What Happened To Incredible Eats After Shark Tank?


Incredible Eats introduces an innovative line of edible cutlery, offering a sustainable solution to eating utensils. Founded by Dinesh Tadepalli, this eco-friendly, vegan, and dairy-free alternative serves as a response to the environmental hazards posed by plastic waste, especially the small items like plastic utensils, which Americans alone use in staggering quantities each year, contributing to environmental degradation.

Under the stewardship of Dinesh, a seasoned electrical engineer and Chief Spoon Seller of Incredible Eats, the company crafts a range of organic, vegan, gluten-free, and cookie-based cutlery. The spoons come in diverse designs, flavors, and shapes, allowing for a novel experience with each use. With an aim to provide a sustainable replacement for plastic cutlery, the company ensures the product is not only practical but also palatable, merging utility with environmental consciousness.

The Concept & Creation Of Incredible Eats

Dinesh’s inspiration for Incredible Eats sparked during a simple moment of enjoying ice cream with his daughter, witnessing the use of a plastic spoon. The inception of the idea in 2018 culminated in the birth of Incredible Eats, after a rigorous thought process and significant personal investment, including selling his own home to finance the business.

Incredible Eats

The company’s mission centers around producing edible cutlery using sustainable ingredients, aiming to replace over a million plastic spoons. The innovative product has gained recognition for its usage of wheat, oats, corn, chickpeas, and brown rice, among others, culminating in a product shelf life of six months.

Shark Tank Journey & Beyond

The compelling nature of Incredible Eats captured the attention of investors on Shark Tank. During the episode, the Sharks were impressed by the concept and its potential impact on reducing plastic waste. Ultimately, Dinesh secured a $500,000 investment from Lori Greiner in exchange for a 15% equity stake, propelling the company into a trajectory of expansion and growth.

Post Shark Tank, the company received an investment boost from Big Idea Ventures, reinforcing the viability of the product and its potential to disrupt the market. It has attracted attention on various platforms, with people acknowledging the business’s initiative and its ability to transform the narrative around single-use plastic utensils.

Incredible Eats

Incredible Eats continues to make strides, expanding its reach to grocery stores, restaurants, and ice cream shops in various states and countries. By innovatively curating edible cutlery that meets sustainability standards and customer satisfaction, the company is aiming for a more extensive international footprint and strategic partnerships in the food industry.

Ongoing Developments & Future Prospects

With an eye on innovation, Incredible Eats is continuously evolving its product line and business strategy. Dinesh and his team are exploring opportunities to diversify their offerings, looking to introduce edible forks, knives, straws, cups, and chopsticks, thus aiming to address a broader range of dining needs. Their endeavor aligns with the global shift towards eco-friendly and health-conscious choices in everyday products.

The company’s expansion efforts are directed at collaborating with major industry players, such as airlines, fast-food chains, and ice cream retailers. By focusing on practicality and taste, Incredible Eats has been making significant strides in the market, endeavoring to create a meaningful impact on reducing plastic waste.

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In conclusion, Incredible Eats is not only a business venture but a movement towards a sustainable and environmentally conscious future. Its success on Shark Tank and subsequent strategic partnerships affirm its potential to reshape the food industry and consumer behavior, urging individuals and businesses to embrace innovative, eco-friendly alternatives. As of the latest updates, the company remains active and is progressing in its mission to change the narrative around single-use plastic products.

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