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Copy Keyboard

What Happened To Copy Keyboard After Shark Tank?


In the tech world, simplicity often leads to innovation. Enter Copy Keyboard, a game-changing invention by Scotty Trujillo, designed to streamline the copy-and-paste process through a two-key keyboard. Let’s dive into the journey of this revolutionary product, from its inception to its appearance on Shark Tank.

The Birth of Copy Keyboard: Simplifying Copy-and-Paste

Copy Keyboard is the brainchild of Scotty Trujillo, a mechanical engineer with a vision for enhancing everyday computer tasks. This small device aims to simplify the copy-and-paste workflow, providing a seamless experience for users. With just two keys, users can effortlessly copy and paste text, code, images, and more directly from the computer screen.

Copy Keyboard

Viral Success on TikTok: A Platform for Innovation

Scotty Trujillo took to TikTok to showcase the capabilities of Copy Keyboard, and the response was nothing short of phenomenal. The video quickly went viral, amassing over 20 million impressions. This digital attention catapulted it into the limelight, highlighting its potential as a must-have tool for daily computer tasks.

Shark Tank Appearance: Seeking Growth and Investment

Recognizing the product’s potential, Scotty Trujillo ventured into the Shark Tank during Season 14, Episode 13. Armed with a $40,000 ask for 25% equity, Scotty aimed to propel Copy Keyboard’s sales to new heights. The Sharks, however, had mixed reactions to this innovative device.

The Pitch: Copy Keyboard Seeks Investment

During the pitch, Scotty Trujillo presented Copy Keyboard as a solution to the time-consuming nature of copy-and-paste work. He shared his personal experience, stating that he himself performs this action 50 times a day, and some users engage in the process up to 1,000 times daily. This presented a compelling case for the product’s relevance in the market.

Product Details: What Is Copy Keyboard?

Copy Keyboard is a compact device designed for easy attachment to computers. By connecting it via USB, users can execute copy-and-paste functions without the need for additional software. The device, available in Black and White, caters to both Apple Mac and Windows PC users. Priced at $19.99, it offers an affordable solution for optimizing copy-and-paste tasks.

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Founder’s Background: Scotty Trujillo’s Journey

Scotty Trujillo, the founder of Copy Keyboard, brings a wealth of experience to the table. As a mechanical engineer who completed his studies at California State University, Fresno, Scotty transitioned from a screen printer and owner of Great Greek Shirts to the Ecommerce manager of a California-based company for four years.

Copy Keyboard

Life Before Shark Tank: The Viral Impact

Before entering the Shark Tank, they had already made a significant impact. Launched officially in January 2021, the product gained traction through the viral TikTok video. Scotty’s expertise in e-commerce and marketing played a crucial role in driving initial sales.

Shark Tank Pitch Dynamics: Wins and Challenges

Scotty’s pitch highlighted the significance of it in addressing the repetitive nature of copy-and-paste tasks. While the product received substantial attention and $20,000 in orders after the TikTok video, securing a deal with the Sharks proved challenging.

Shark Reactions: A Mixed Bag

The Sharks had varying perspectives on Copy Keyboard. Mark Cuban refused to invest, citing his belief that the product lacked potential. Lori Greiner, not considering herself a tech enthusiast, opted out. Daymond John, unable to relate to the product due to his reliance on mobile devices, also declined.

The Financials: Making and Selling Copy Keyboard

Scotty shared insights into the product’s making cost, with one keyboard priced at $9.14 and a reduced cost of $6.15 for a bulk order of 2,000 units. The standard USB version retails for $19.99, while the LED version is priced at $24.99. Scotty revealed sales of $42,209 to date.

Post Shark Tank: Copy Keyboard’s Future

Despite facing rejection from the Sharks, Copy Keyboard continues to operate successfully. The episode, airing on January 27, 2023, provided the product with nationwide exposure. Scotty Trujillo, determined to scale the business, leverages social media marketing to promote Copy Keyboard.

Net Worth and Market Value: A Unique Device’s Worth

Copy Keyboard is estimated to be worth $160,000, a testament to its unique approach to simplifying computer tasks. The device’s simple yet effective design positions it as a valuable tool for users seeking efficiency in their daily workflow.

Ongoing Business: Copy Keyboard’s Status

As of August 2023, Copy Keyboard remains in business, with Scotty Trujillo focusing on scaling the product. The Shark Tank appearance served as a significant marketing platform, reaching potential users who find the keyboard essential for their needs.

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In conclusion, Copy Keyboard, born out of a need for efficiency in daily computer tasks, represents a novel approach to streamlining the copy-and-paste process. Scotty Trujillo’s journey, from viral success on TikTok to facing the Sharks on national television, showcases the resilience and potential of this innovative device in the tech market. Despite the rejection on Shark Tank, Copy Keyboard’s continued presence and estimated worth signal a promising future for this small yet impactful tool in the world of technology.

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