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What Happened To Blueland After Shark Tank?

Introducing Blueland: Redefining Cleaning and Personal Care

Blueland, a trailblazing company, offers sustainable products that mitigate single-use plastic consumption. Their innovation involves reusable Bottles and Vessels, purportedly designed to last a lifetime. Commencing as a cleaning product provider, they now extends its range to encompass personal care products.

Mission to Combat Single-Use Plastics

The company’s core mission revolves around eradicating single-use plastics through their innovative refillable solutions. The urgency of their cause is underscored by the prevailing environmental pollution and the infiltration of microplastics in our surroundings, even found in food.

Environmental Impact of Single-Use Plastics

Reports highlight the inadvertent consumption of microplastics, estimated to be the size of a credit card each week. Furthermore, wildlife faces dire consequences due to plastic pollution, evidenced by distressing visuals of turtles, whales, and seals succumbing to plastic-induced harm.

Blueland’s Remarkable Achievements

Since its inception in 2019, Blueland proudly claims to have prevented a staggering 1 billion single-use plastic bottles from polluting landfills and oceans. This feat aligns with their commitment to sustainability. The company continues its trajectory of innovation, with 40 patents pending and ongoing work on pioneering inventions.


Initial Funding and Product Development

Backed by $3 million in initial funding from diverse investors in the seed round, their evolution involved significant dedication. The development of “Blueland’s Tablets” took nearly two years, illustrating their commitment to revolutionary products.

Blueland’s Product Line

The company’s diverse offerings span across cleaning and personal care products. Their novel approach involves providing tablets that customers mix with water. These tablets, employed for laundry and cleaning, transform liquid cleaning materials into an eco-friendly and convenient solution.

Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

The reusable 100% BP-free plastic Bottles, coupled with the Tablets, facilitate various functionalities like hand and body wash. The Clean Suite Kit, priced at $89, encompasses multiple tablets and 16oz of dishwashing power, demonstrating the company’s commitment to sustainable solutions.


Founders and Their Backgrounds

The co-founders, Syed Naqvi and Sarah Paiji, bring diverse expertise to Blueland. Naqvi’s scientific background, including roles at Johnson & Johnson and other companies, complements Sarah Paiji’s entrepreneurial experience post her Harvard Business School graduation.

Blueland’s Shark Tank Journey

The company’s landmark appearance on Shark Tank showcased their groundbreaking offerings. Seeking $270,000 for a 2% equity stake at a $13.4 million valuation, their tablet-shaped cleaning products garnered significant attention.

Shark Tank Negotiations and Outcome

While some sharks voiced skepticism, Kevin O’Leary ultimately secured a deal of $270,000 for a 3% equity stake and a $0.50 royalty per kit until the investment was recouped.

Another Pitches


AnyTongs Kitchen 

Blueland’s Post Shark Tank Success

Following their Shark Tank appearance, they experienced a surge in sales, and expanded their product line to include personal care items. This led to notable funding rounds and projections of remarkable revenue growth.

Ongoing Success and Expansion

The brand’s growth and strategic investments, including a recent $20 million funding round in 2022, have positioned Blueland for further expansion and international outreach.

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Sustainability and Environmental Impact

The brand’s advocacy for sustainability continues as they work toward global product distribution. Though already available at major retailers like Costco, Blueland’s emphasis on combating single-use plastics resonates through their growth.

Conclusion: Blueland’s Commitment to Sustainable Solutions

Blueland’s success story reflects a growing concern for environmental preservation and consumer interest in eco-friendly alternatives. Their journey post-Shark Tank underscores their commitment to combat single-use plastics while pioneering eco-conscious cleaning and personal care solutions.

As of August 2023, Blueland remains an active and influential entity in the realm of sustainable consumer products, continually contributing to environmental preservation and reshaping the industry with their innovative approach.

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