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What Happened To AnyTongs Kitchen Tool After Shark Tank?


AnyTongs, a brainchild of Tog Samphel, is transforming kitchens with its innovative solution, allowing regular utensils to double up as tongs. Samphel’s journey from a designer to an entrepreneur marks a tale of ingenuity and problem-solving in the culinary domain. The quest to eradicate the need for multiple tongs brought them into existence in 2020, offering a practical and cost-effective solution for various kitchen needs.

Origins of AnyTongs

Inspiration struck Samphel while observing his mother ingeniously fashion a tong-like tool by taping utensils. Drawing from this, he ideated and designed the versatile AnyTongs tool. Despite facing manufacturing hurdles due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Samphel’s persistence led to the successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $33,000 from backers.

The Kitchen Revolution Unfolds

AnyTongs’ success led to a high demand, prompting Samphel and his family to actively participate in product delivery. Their dedication ensured successful fulfillment of orders, resonating with customers worldwide seeking a convenient kitchen solution.

Shark Tank Journey

Samphel’s venture made waves on Shark Tank, seeking $150,000 for 20% equity. His pitch showcased the innovative potential of AnyTongs, converting ordinary utensils into efficient kitchen tools. Despite skepticism from some sharks, Daymond John recognized its potential and offered $150,000 for 49% equity, a deal Samphel accepted.


What Is AnyTong’s Net Worth?

Post-Shark Tank, AnyTongs continued to evolve with Version 2, featuring enhanced materials and reduced production costs. The kitchen utensils market, estimated at $2.7 billion in 2021, signifies vast potential for AnyTongs. As the company’s net worth estimates around $306,000, it’s evident that the product caters to a significant market need and holds promise for further growth.

Current Standing and Future Prospects

AnyTongs remains active in the industry, supported by Samphel’s family, while receiving recognition from various media outlets. Situated in Clifton, New Jersey, the company’s focus remains on kitchen innovations, signaling potential expansions into additional product lines in the future.

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Update on AnyTongs as of August 2023:

AnyTongs remains active and operational, continuing to serve as an innovative and reliable solution in kitchens across the globe. As the brand further solidifies its presence, its evolution and the Samphel family’s dedication continue to pave the way for the brand’s future endeavours.

Another Pitches


Umaro Foods

Conclusion: A Culinary Companion in Every Home

AnyTongs‘ inception by Tog Samphel embodies an entrepreneurial spirit driven by innovation. With its seamless ability to convert everyday utensils into versatile tongs, it promises practicality and convenience in countless kitchens. Its success on Shark Tank and ongoing presence in the market affirm its relevance, setting the stage for continued growth and the potential to revolutionize culinary experiences globally.

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