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Glove Wrap

The Success Story of Glove Wrap After Appearing on Shark Tank

Glove Wrap, a unique product designed to assist baseball and softball players in breaking in their gloves, was founded by a father-son duo, Gavin Batarse and John Batarse. Both passionate about the sport, they embarked on this entrepreneurial journey to provide a more efficient way of breaking in gloves.

Gavin, the son, a devoted baseball enthusiast, envisioned a novel method to expedite the process of breaking in new gloves. He approached his father, John, with a big piece of rubber and suggested wrapping it around the gloves. This innovative approach aimed to ensure that the gloves are molded naturally to the hand, making it easier for players to handle the ball.

Every baseball and softball player knows the significance of breaking in a new glove to attain a natural extension in the hand. This makes it more comfortable and efficient during gameplay. Gavin’s groundbreaking idea led to the creation of it, a simple yet effective tool.

The turning point for them came when Gavin made a video showcasing the product being used by players from the Texas Rangers and California Angels. This video gained immense popularity on TikTok, amassing an impressive 5.5 million views. The exposure from the viral video had a profound impact on their journey.

Following the viral video’s success, they experienced a significant increase in sales as baseball and softball players sought out this innovative tool to break in their new gloves effectively. With growing interest and potential, Gavin and his father saw an opportunity to take their product to the next level.

To expand their business and reach a broader audience of baseball and softball enthusiasts, they decided to pitch their product on the well-known television show, Shark Tank. Their appearance took place during Season 15, Episode 3, where they shared their vision with the sharks.

Glove Wrap

What Is Glove Wrap?

Glove Wrap is a unique and user-friendly solution for breaking in baseball and softball gloves. It comprises a large piece of rubber that is wrapped around the gloves, preventing any damage during the breaking-in process. Traditionally, players used various methods, such as placing a ball in the glove, wrapping it tightly, and leaving it overnight. However, it simplifies this procedure and ensures a more natural and comfortable glove fit. This innovative tool is available at a reasonable price of $19.99 and can be conveniently purchased on platforms like Amazon.

Another Pitches

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Meet the Founders: Gavin and John Batarse

Gavin Batarse serves as the President and CEO of Glove Wrap Company, while his father, John Batarse, plays a pivotal role in supporting and managing the business. Together, they share a passion for baseball and a vision for simplifying the glove-breaking process for fellow players.

they has actively engaged with its audience through social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. With approximately 100,000 followers and an impressive 30 million views across these platforms, their online presence has been a vital component of their success.

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The Shark Tank Pitch

When Gavin, John, and another team member, Morgan, entered the Shark Tank, they were seeking a $50,000 investment in exchange for a 20% equity stake in it. They delivered a compelling pitch, highlighting their accomplishments to date, which included the sale of over 1,000 gloves and revenue exceeding $19,000.

The cost structure of their business is also notable. The landed cost of producing the gloves is $3, while the retail price is $19.99, and the wholesale cost is $10. This cost-effectiveness contributed to the attractiveness of their business proposition.

Shark Tank Deal and Impact

Two sports enthusiasts, Michael Rubin, the founder of sports retail giant Fanatics, and Mark Cuban, recognized the potential of Glove Wrap. They collaborated to offer $50,000 for a 22% equity stake in the business. Gavin accepted this offer, marking a significant milestone for Glove Wrap.

Post-Shark Tank Success

After their appearance on Shark Tank, Glove Wrap experienced a remarkable surge in demand. A video shared by Gavin on the official Instagram handle of Glove Wrap showcased him preparing a thousand orders for shipping, illustrating the tangible impact of their Shark Tank appearance. Prior to their Shark Tank pitch, the business had sold 1,000 gloves over the years. However, in the days following the episode’s airing, they managed to sell another 1,000 gloves, highlighting the substantial growth facilitated by the show.

Glove Wrap’s Continued Journey

As of October 2023, Glove Wrap remains a thriving business. Their success story serves as an inspiration to many, demonstrating the potential for innovation and entrepreneurship, especially in the world of sports equipment. Barbara, Lori, and Michael, some of the prominent Sharks, have taken to Twitter to share their excitement about the journey of this eight-year-old business.

Glove Wrap’s Net Worth and Future

While specific financial details regarding Glove Wrap’s net worth aren’t readily available, it’s evident that the company has achieved significant success. The business’s popularity on social media has undoubtedly contributed to its growth. To continue expanding and realizing its full potential, Glove Wrap may need to consider product diversification and marketing strategies led by experts in the field.

The Future of Glove Wrap

Glove Wrap continues to maintain a strong presence on social media, engaging with its audience. One of their most popular videos features Gavin distributing Glove Wraps to baseball players, showcasing their commitment to their community and their product.

The official address of Glove Wrap is in Tustin, California, USA. Their journey, from a small business to a thriving enterprise, illustrates the power of innovation and effective pitching on Shark Tank. As of October 2023, Glove Wrap is still in business and remains a prominent player in the world of baseball and softball equipment.

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In conclusion, Glove Wrap’s journey is a testament to the potential for success that can be unlocked through determination, innovation, and strategic partnerships forged in the entrepreneurial world. This small business has made a big impact, offering a valuable product to sports enthusiasts and earning its place in the market.

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