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Plop Star

The Journey of Plop Star: From Shark Tank to Success


Plop Star, a company that specializes in discreet bathroom deodorizers, made a memorable appearance on Shark Tank during Season 11, Episode 4, seeking a $150,000 investment for 10% equity at a $1.5 million valuation. Founded by Tyler Jay in November 2018, they aimed to address the common discomfort associated with bathroom odours and introduced a unique solution – portable tablet-sized bathroom deodorizers that instantly remove odours. Although the company did not secure a deal with the Sharks, its journey continued, leading to intriguing developments and a surprising level of success.

Plop Star

Plop Star’s Innovative Solution

Plop Star’s flagship product, the Bathroom Deodorizer Portable Tablet, offers a convenient and effective way to eliminate bathroom odours instantly. To use the product, all one needed to do was drop a tablet into the toilet, wait for 10 seconds to allow it to dissolve properly, and then proceed with their bathroom routine. These tablets were available in various packs, including Two Packs, 6 Packs, and 30 Packs, catering to the needs of different customers.

Tyler Jay, the Founder and CEO

Tyler Jay, the creative mind behind them, embarked on this entrepreneurial journey after completing his studies at the University of Arizona. Prior to Plop Star, he had gained experience working in various positions at media and production companies. In 2014, he founded “Tandem Content,” a company specializing in creating content for brand advertisements. Tyler’s innovative spirit and determination led him to create them in response to a personal discomfort that he believed many others shared.

Plop Star’s Shark Tank Pitch

Tyler Jay’s appearance on Shark Tank was certainly memorable, as he entered the tank while sitting on a toilet seat, immediately grabbing the Sharks’ attention. He requested a $150,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity in Plop Star, valuing the company at $1.5 million. Tyler explained the uniqueness of his product and revealed that they had generated $12,000 in sales at the time.

However, the Sharks had mixed reactions. Barbara Corcoran expressed scepticism, stating that there was no demand for such a product in the market. Kevin O’Leary was straightforward in his assessment, calling Plop Star a “suck.” Ultimately, all the Sharks decided not to invest in the business, citing concerns about its investability.

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Post-Shark Tank Success

Despite the initial setback on Shark Tank, Plop Star continued to evolve. In December 2021, the company expanded its product line by launching a toilet spray priced at $9.99. This move proved to be a smart one, as by April 2023, all Plop Star tablets had sold out on the company’s website, resulting in estimated lifetime sales of $1.4 million.

Plop Star’s Journey Beyond Shark Tank

Tyler Jay’s charismatic and memorable presentation on Shark Tank may not have secured him an investment from the Sharks, but it certainly garnered attention. The founder’s persistence and the company’s innovative approach to tackling a common issue paid off in the end. While Plop Star’s social media presence may not be very active, and its Amazon response may be modest, it remains in business as of April 2023.

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Plop Star’s Net Worth and Market Potential

The current estimated worth of Plop Star stands at $1 million, a notable achievement considering its humble beginnings. The toilet care market, in which Plop Star operates, is a billion-dollar industry with continuous growth. According to Technavio, the toilet care market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% by 2025, reaching $1.89 billion. This indicates that there is ample opportunity for innovative products like Plop Star’s to thrive in this market.


Plop Star’s journey from its inception to its appearance on Shark Tank and beyond is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and resilience of its founder, Tyler Jay. While the Sharks may have passed on the opportunity, the company found its own path to success by expanding its product line and capitalizing on market demand. Plop Star’s innovative solution to a common problem has allowed it to carve a niche in the competitive toilet care market, and its estimated worth of $1 million showcases its growth and potential. As of April 2023, Plop Star remains in business, serving customers seeking a discreet and effective way to eliminate bathroom odours.

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