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Brass Roots

The Evolution of Brass Roots after Shark Tank

Brass Roots, a snacks company specializing in products made from Sacha Inchi seeds, emerged onto the scene helmed by Aaron Gailmor. Founded in 2019, the company initially sought funding on Shark Tank during Season 14, Episode 12. Despite an ambitious pitch for $400,000 in exchange for 7% equity, the Sharks declined the offer. Despite this setback, Brass Roots continued to thrive and evolve in the competitive snacks market.

Brass Roots Origin and Growth:

Aaron Gailmor’s inspiration for Brass Roots stemmed from his father’s heart condition, driving him to explore nutritious options, ultimately discovering the potential of Sacha Inchi seeds. The seeds offered a rich source of protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids, forming the core of Brass Roots’ snack line.

The company quickly gained traction, establishing partnerships with farmers in Thailand and Laos to source the Sacha Inchi seeds. They produced an array of organic, keto-friendly, and plant-based snacks, such as Crunch Puffs, Sacha Inchi butter, and roasted Sacha Inchi, catering to health-conscious consumers.

Pre and Post Shark Tank Endeavors:

Before Shark Tank, Brass Roots utilized social media strategies, including targeting peanut allergy sufferers on Facebook, offering free samples, and promo codes for subsequent purchases, to generate interest in their products. This approach was instrumental in driving initial sales and market awareness.

Though they didn’t secure investment during their Shark Tank appearance, Brass Roots persevered. Subsequent developments included a $1 million investment in January 2021 from John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc., boosting the company’s financial standing.

As of January 2023, Brass Roots products were available in 400 Sprouts Farmers Market stores across the United States. The company also established partnerships with local youth organizations, showcasing a commitment to community involvement.

Challenges Faced and Future Prospects:

During the Shark Tank pitch, the high cost of production and relatively low profit margin prompted the Sharks to pass on investing. However, Brass Roots continued to navigate these challenges, with an eye on enhancing their product line and market presence.

Despite the setback on Shark Tank, the brand sustained its momentum and announced plans to introduce a new product line, a Sacha Inchi Bar, indicating an ongoing commitment to innovation and expansion.

Market Presence and Recognition:

Brass Roots‘ products, rich in protein, fiber, and omega-3, found placement in various prominent retail outlets such as Sprouts Farmer’s Market, Whole Foods Market, Wegman’s, and Amazon, ensuring a wide market reach.

The company’s endeavors received attention and accolades from several media outlets like Forbes, Foodtank, Trendhunter, and VegNews, boosting their visibility in the health and wellness sector.

Brass Roots

Current Status and Outlook:

As of January 2023, Brass Roots remains operational, headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, with a modest employee count of 2-10 individuals. The company continues to cater to health-conscious consumers seeking natural and nutritious snack options.

Their resilient journey post-Shark Tank demonstrates a commitment to growth, innovation, and community engagement. The venture, estimated to be valued at $5.7 million, aligns with the ongoing trend of health-focused snacks in the market.

Another Pitches

Truffle Shuffle


In conclusion, Brass Roots’ journey showcases resilience and adaptability in the fiercely competitive snacks industry, leveraging innovation, quality ingredients, and strategic partnerships to carve a niche in the market. Their continued presence in major retail outlets and planned product expansions suggest a promising trajectory for the company in the health-conscious snack market.

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