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Sunflow Beach Chairs

Sunflow Beach Chairs: From Shark Tank to Seaside Success

Sunflow Beach Chairs, a premium beach chair brand, made a memorable appearance on Season 13, Episode 16 of the hit TV show Shark Tank. The founder, with a vision to revolutionize beach comfort, boldly sought a $1,000,000 investment in exchange for a 6% equity stake in his company. So, what makes them stand out, and what’s happened to this brand after its appearance on Shark Tank?

The Need for Sunflow Beach Chairs

Beach outings are a favorite pastime for many. The idea of basking in the sun and watching the waves roll in is undoubtedly appealing. However, for those who’ve experienced uncomfortable or poorly designed beach chairs, this enjoyment can quickly turn into a quest for relaxation. Traditional beach chairs often lack the comfort and features that can truly enhance the beachgoer’s experience. This is where they aims to make a significant difference.

What Are Sunflow Beach Chairs?

Sunflow Beach Chairs is a startup venture that took root in January 2018. It was established with a clear mission: to provide a beach chair that maximizes comfort, convenience, and overall enjoyment for beach enthusiasts. Unlike standard beach chairs, Sunflow’s product isn’t just a chair; it’s a complete beach comfort solution. Each Sunflow Beach Chair includes, in addition to the chair itself, an umbrella, towels, and various other beach essentials.

The design prioritizes comfort, with features that ensure a relaxing experience. For instance, the chairs are portable, allowing you to easily transport them to your chosen spot on the beach. They’re also designed with the ability to recline, ensuring that you can kick back and enjoy your day at the shore to the fullest.

Meet the Founders: Leslie Hsu & Greg Besner

Sunflow Beach Chairs was co-founded by Leslie Hsu and Greg Besner, who share a passion for beachfront relaxation. Leslie, the CEO of the company, has a background in the fashion industry as a successful handbag designer. She has a keen sense of what makes products not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Leslie’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident through her involvement in multiple startups, which include @LesliesFinds, PUNCHCASE By Leslie Hsu, and Sunflow, Inc. Her dedication to enhancing the beach experience led her to create Sunflow Beach Chairs.

Sunflow Before Shark Tank

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Sunflow Beach Chairs had already gained significant traction. The brand had been successfully catering to beach enthusiasts who sought both comfort and convenience during their beach outings. Many customers appreciated the value Sunflow Beach Chairs brought to their beach experiences, and sales were on the rise.

Sunflow Beach Chairs

The Shark Tank Effect on Sunflow Beach Chairs

Entering the Shark Tank presented an invaluable opportunity for them to showcase its product to a national television audience. The exposure on the show had an immediate and positive impact on the brand. It served as a launching pad for wider recognition, as millions of viewers became aware of the product.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, and Sunflow Beach Chairs experienced a substantial boost in sales following its Shark Tank appearance. Sales figures skyrocketed, surpassing those of the previous year. The brand’s innovative approach to beach comfort clearly resonated with consumers.

Expansion Beyond Beach Chairs

Capitalizing on the newfound attention, Sunflow Beach Chairs embarked on a journey to expand its product line. The brand introduced a range of new products in various categories. This expansion included items like beach towels, wine tumblers, sunnies cases, dry bags, bikini bags, and more. The goal was to offer a comprehensive set of products designed to enhance the entire beach experience.

Another Pitches

Curie Deodorant

The Ornament Anchor

The Sunflow Shark Tank Update

The pitch delivered by Leslie and Greg on Shark Tank was compelling and led to investments from the sharks. Kevin was among the investors who believed in the potential of it and he secured a deal with a royalty arrangement.

According to reports, the brand successfully raised $3.5 million from investors by November 2022. This significant investment further fueled the brand’s growth and expansion.

Where to Purchase Sunflow Beach Chairs

If you’re interested in purchasing a Sunflow Beach Chair, the brand’s official website is the primary source. The chair is available at a price of $198 and comes in various color options to suit your preference. For added convenience, you can find them on Amazon, where you may also find potential discounts.

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The Net Worth of Sunflow Beach Chairs

The current valuation of Sunflow Beach Chairs stands at $16 million. With its strong sales growth and expanding product range, they has the potential to make a lasting impact on the industry. If this trajectory continues, the brand could see remarkable growth, possibly exceeding an estimated $8 million.

Sunflow’s Resilience Through Challenges

Sunflow Beach Chairs embarked on its journey in 2018 and has managed to thrive through various seasons of business. It’s been over four years since the brand’s inception, and its growth trajectory is impressive. The brand’s resilience was notably tested during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Lockdowns and restrictions affected sales, but they adapted to the circumstances.

Today, the company is scaling up and continuing its mission to enhance the beach experience for customers. The headquarters of Sunflow Beach Chairs is located in Short Hills, New Jersey, United States, and the company employs between 1 and 10 people.

As of December 2022, Sunflow Beach Chairs remains in business and continues to flourish. The brand receives orders from beachgoers across the United States, and the positive reviews it garners are a testament to its success and commitment to enhancing the beach experience. The combination of innovative design, superior comfort, and aesthetics has firmly established Sunflow Beach Chairs as a standout brand in the world of beach accessories.

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