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Sheets Laundry Club'

Sheets Laundry Club’s Journey After Shark Tank

Sheets Laundry Club emerged on the scene as a game-changing laundry detergent business, offering fresh, plastic-free, eco-friendly detergent sheets that take laundry to the next level. But this innovative company doesn’t stop at laundry; they also produce kitchen and self-care products that adhere to the same sustainable principles.

What sets them apart is its unique approach to laundry detergent. Unlike traditional powders or liquids, their detergent sheets don’t need to be poured; you simply toss them in the washing machine along with your clothes, and they work their magic. The ingredients used in these revolutionary laundry sheets include coconut oil, polyvinyl alcohol, fatty alcohol polyglycol ether, protease enzymes, and Osmanthus essential oil fragrance. They even offer additional ingredients for those who desire scented versions.

The driving force behind Sheets Laundry Club is its CEO and co-founder, Chris Videau, who, along with Laurian, has a remarkable military background, having served for 27 years and traveled to 20 different countries. Their journey began when they became deeply concerned about the pollution of the sea caused by plastic waste. After extensive research, Chris and Laurian, along with co-founder Chris Campbell, launched Sheets Laundry Club in December 2019. Their mission was clear: to reduce plastic waste and make a positive environmental impact.

Before we delve into what happened on Shark Tank and the company’s post-show journey, let’s explore the products and philosophy that make them unique.

Sheets Laundry Club'

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Sheets Laundry Club’s Product Lineup: Redefining Clean

Sheets Laundry Club offers a variety of products, all designed with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness. Their laundry detergent sheets come in two variants: Fresh Linen and Free & Clear (Unscented), both safe for use and suitable for those following gluten-free and vegan lifestyles.

Expanding beyond laundry, they has added more products to its repertoire, including Wash Scent Boosters and Dryer Sheets. These products are priced reasonably at $14.99, $7.64, and $5.09, making eco-friendly options accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Wash Scent Boosters are available in four delightful scents: Sandbar, Lavender, Uncharted Waters, and Sea Breeze, each designed to enhance your laundry experience. These products are proudly made in the United States, ensuring quality and sustainability go hand in hand.

In the kitchen category, they offers Dishwasher Detergent, Handcrafted Solid Dish, and Floor Cleaner products. In addition to this, they also craft natural deodorants, handcrafted shampoo bars, and soap, expanding their offerings into the realm of self-care.

One of the standout features of Sheets Laundry Club’s product line is its commitment to 100% plastic-free packaging, aligning with their mission to reduce plastic waste and environmental impact. The company offers both one-time purchases and subscription models, making it convenient for consumers to embrace sustainable living. You can find their products on Amazon and their official website, making eco-friendly choices just a click away.

Meet the Visionaries Behind Sheets Laundry Club

Chris Videau: CEO & Co-Founder of Sheets Laundry Club, Chris Videau, has an extraordinary background. He served in the military for 20 years, including time as a military police officer and a Blackhawk pilot. His journey towards environmental consciousness began when his lungs were damaged during the Iraq War in 2007 and 2008. Witnessing the devastating impact of plastic pollution on the environment ignited his passion for sustainability.

Chris Campbell: Co-Founder of Sheets Laundry Club and the CEO of a capital management investments company. Campbell joined forces with Chris Videau in their mission to reduce plastic waste and make a positive change in the world.

Laurian Videau: Laurian, Chris Videau’s wife, is also involved in the company. Together, they form a formidable team dedicated to their mission.

Sheets Laundry Club Before Shark Tank: A Vision Born of Concern

The story behind Sheets Laundry Club’s inception is deeply rooted in a concern for the environment. Chris Videau’s journey towards sustainability began with a stark realization about plastic pollution, particularly in the world’s oceans. It was during his military service that he first ventured into a world of adventure and travel. Chris spent 14 years as a Blackhawk pilot, flying helicopters around the globe.

His environmental consciousness was awakened when his lungs were severely affected during the Iraq War in 2007 and 2008. Witnessing the dire consequences of plastic pollution, he decided to take action.

The world is grappling with a plastic crisis, with approximately 79% of the planet’s plastic waste ending up in land and ocean environments. It was this dire situation that fueled Chris’s determination to make a difference.

In 2018, Chris and Laurian met Chris Campbell, marking the beginning of Sheets Laundry Club’s journey. Their mission was clear: to protect the environment and reduce plastic waste while offering consumers eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives for their laundry, kitchen, and self-care needs.

Sheets Laundry Club on Shark Tank: A Vision Shared with the World

Appearing on Shark Tank during Season 13, Episode 7, Chris Videau and Chris Campbell presented their vision to the sharks. They were seeking an investment of $500,000 in exchange for a 5% equity stake, valuing their company at $10 million.

In their pitch, Chris Videau shared the company’s journey, highlighting their military backgrounds and their passion for environmental sustainability. They offered a wide range of products, with 46 different SKU’s and 30 unique items in their lineup.

One of their key achievements was the significant success of their laundry sheets, generating $2.046 million in sales. These sheets were clearly a hit with consumers.

The entrepreneurs also revealed an exclusive agreement with Kimberly-Clark, a company that holds the patent for dissolvable laundry detergent sheets. They had agreed to pay royalties to Kimberly-Clark, with their partnership set to continue until October 2024.

However, not all sharks were convinced. Barbara Corcoran criticized their presentation, saying, “You are not persuasive,” and chose not to invest. Kevin O’Leary echoed her sentiments, noting that Chris Videau had been called the worst salesman ever seen on Shark Tank by Barbara.

But Chris Videau had solid numbers to back up his pitch. He stated that the company was on track for $7 million in sales in 2021, boasting a 24% profit margin. Sheets Laundry Club had 21,000 monthly subscribers, generating $3 million in recurring revenue annually.

In a promising development, the company had established a partnership with the CPG Group and secured placement on the shelves of the Target supermarket chain, starting in April.

In the end, Daniel Lubetzky made an offer of $500,000 for a 10% equity stake in Sheets Laundry Club. While Chris Videau and Chris Campbell initially stated that they couldn’t go above 8%, Daniel made a counteroffer of $500,000 for an 8% equity stake plus an additional 2% in advisory shares. Chris Videau and Chris Campbell ultimately accepted Daniel’s offer.

With this deal, Daniel Lubetzky became an investor in Sheets Laundry Club, paving the way for their post-Shark Tank journey.

Post-Shark Tank: What’s Next for Sheets Laundry Club?

After securing a deal on Shark Tank, They set out to make a lasting impact in the laundry and sustainability industry. Their journey continued, marked by expansion, innovation, and a commitment to their mission.

While not all sharks were convinced by the valuation presented on Shark Tank, the consumer response to Sheets Laundry Club’s products was positive. Their innovative laundry sheets, in particular, garnered significant attention and sales on Amazon.

The future holds promise for Sheets Laundry Club. They plan to expand their product line by 2023, introducing additional offerings in home cleaning products, including those for the kitchen, bathroom, and the household. This expansion aligns with their goal of providing eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives across various facets of daily life.

In a noteworthy development, Sheets Laundry Club partnered with Samaritan’s Feet and the YMCA for the “Corey LaJoie’s Kickball Klassic” charity event in October 2022. This collaboration exemplifies their commitment to making a positive impact beyond their products.

As of June 2022, their products have become available in more than 261 Harris Teeter stores across the United States, expanding their reach and making sustainable choices accessible to a wider audience.

The Sheets Laundry Club team is actively working to achieve their projected sales targets. While the $7 million sales figure for 2021 was presented on Shark Tank, the year-end results are yet to be confirmed. The company is continually growing, and with their expansion into more retail stores and their presence on Amazon, they are poised for success.

In conclusion, Sheets Laundry Club’s innovative approach to sustainable living, their commitment to reducing plastic waste, and their expansion into various product categories demonstrate a company dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and the daily lives of consumers. With the support of Daniel Lubetzky and their continued efforts, Sheets Laundry Club is well on its way to achieving its mission and reshaping the way we think about laundry and household products.

Sheets Laundry Club’s Net Worth: A Green Business on the Rise

During their Shark Tank appearance, Sheets Laundry Club sought a $10 million valuation. While some sharks questioned this valuation, the company’s impressive sales and growth potential made a compelling case. Their CEO, Chris Videau, projected sales of $7 million for 2021, and the company’s success on Amazon and expansion into retail stores are positive indicators.

Based on their growth trajectory and commitment to sustainability, Sheets Laundry Club’s estimated net worth is on the rise, likely approaching or surpassing the $10 million valuation presented on Shark Tank. As they continue to expand their product line and reach a broader audience, their value as a green and eco-conscious business is set to increase further.

Sheets Laundry Club’s Ongoing Success: Staying Green and Thriving

As of December 2022, Sheets Laundry Club remains in business, thriving in the market of sustainable and eco-friendly products. Their laundry sheets, rated at 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon, have received over 18,000 global ratings, indicating strong consumer satisfaction.

The company has garnered significant attention from various media publications, including The New York Times and Men’s Health, further solidifying their presence in the eco-friendly product space.

Sheets Laundry Club’s headquarters are currently located in Mooresville, North Carolina, and they employ between 10 to 50 dedicated individuals who share their commitment to sustainability.

According to a Similaweb report, approximately 60% of people visit the company’s website directly, showcasing the brand’s growing recognition.

In conclusion, Sheets Laundry Club’s ongoing success and expansion into retail stores and online marketplaces highlight the demand for eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives. Their journey, ignited by a concern for the environment, has evolved into a thriving business that continues to make a positive impact and inspire a greener way of living.

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For further updates on Sheets Laundry Club and the visionary team behind it, we’ll be following Chris Videau and Chris Campbell as they work to reshape the landscape of eco-conscious products and lead the way toward a more sustainable future.

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