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FurZapper’s Success Story After Shark Tank

After appearing on Shark Tank Season 12, FurZapper, the innovative pet hair remover, has continued to thrive and make a significant impact in the market. During their Shark Tank pitch, entrepreneurs Harry Levin and Michael Sweigart sought $600,000 in exchange for a 10% equity stake in their company. The product is a patent-pending solution designed to help pet owners effectively remove pet hair and fur from various textiles, including sweaters, jackets, blankets, and more.

The Genesis of FurZapper:

The idea for FurZapper was born out of a practical need. Pets, such as cats and dogs, are known for their playful nature, often leaving their fur behind on various surfaces within a household, from the bedroom to the bathroom. While pet hair on the floor can be easily cleaned, removing it from clothing poses a more significant challenge. Traditional methods, like using your hands, can be laborious and less effective.

To address this issue, Michael Sweigart, a creative thinker and entrepreneur, invented FurZapper in 2016. Michael’s penchant for inventive solutions led him to create this silicone-based foam product, shaped like a pet paw, designed to efficiently remove pet hair from garments during the laundry cycle.

FurZapper’s Success:

Their journey since its appearance on Shark Tank has been remarkable. In 2020, the company achieved sales of $4 million, a substantial milestone. The product has garnered praise from many pet owners who find it incredibly useful in managing pet hair.

How FurZapper Works:

FurZapper is a laundry machine device specifically designed to remove pet hair from clothing during the wash cycle. It features a flexible, tacky surface that adheres to pet hair and effectively removes it in the washing machine. The product is known for its reusability, safety, and effectiveness, making it an economical solution for pet owners. After using FurZapper in the washer or dryer, users simply need to remove the accumulated pet hair from the device, and it’s ready to be reused.

They offers the Single Pack FurZapper Pet Hair Remover for Your Laundry at a price of $10.99, as well as the Pet Grooming Glove, available for $12.99.

These products are accessible through their official website and are also available on various third-party platforms, including Amazon, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Petland, Chewy, TSC, and ACE Hardware.


Founders of FurZapper:

Michael Sweigart serves as the founder and CEO of FurZapper, and he partners with Harry Levin. Michael’s background includes experience as an entrepreneur and an award-winning inventor. Additionally, while pursuing his BA in Psychology and Economics at Rutgers University, he worked as a sales manager at Michael J. Motto Internet.

In January 2010, he established his own company, Purpose Advertising, where he holds the roles of President, CMO, CEO, and COO.

Harry Levin, on the other hand, is a lawyer and serves as the Managing Partner at Levine & Associates. He completed his law studies at George Mason University.

FurZapper’s Pre-Shark Tank Journey:

Michael Sweigart’s passion for inventing innovative products is evident in his continuous creative pursuits. The idea for it was conceived when he was working part-time, creating special effects makeup for Fright Fest. During this time, a foam zombie mask he was using fell to the floor and became covered in dog hair. When he washed the foam zombie mask with the attached pet hair, all the hair disappeared. This incident sparked the idea for FurZapper, and he began developing a silicone-based foam product, giving it the shape of a pet paw.

While their patent was pending, they decided to sell the product. Michael created a website and optimized it for search engines. Social media platforms were employed to promote FurZapper, resulting in a consistent influx of over 100 orders daily. The product was subsequently listed on Amazon and Walmart, further accelerating sales growth. Due to the high demand, they partnered with Amazon FBA to fulfill orders efficiently.

As the product gained traction, it earned numerous awards, including the ECRM Buyers Choice Award, Family Choice Award, and the SuperZOO! Award.

Another Pitches

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FurZapper’s Shark Tank Pitch:

During their appearance on Shark Tank, entrepreneurs Harry Levin and Michael Sweigart were seeking an investment of $600,000 in exchange for a 10% equity stake in FurZapper, valuing the company at $6 million.

In their pitch, Michael shared the product’s development story, while Harry demonstrated the effectiveness of FurZapper. Notably, the product had achieved $640,000 in sales during its first year and $2.2 million in the preceding year, with a profit of $580,000.

FurZapper was primarily in search of investment to establish its manufacturing setup, which would contribute to cost reduction and increased product availability. In response to their pitch, the Sharks made several offers:

Kevin offered a $600,000 loan at 9.5% interest for a 5% equity stake.
Barbara Corcoran also made an offer of $600,000 for a 20% equity stake.
Lori expressed her interest in the business and offered $600,000 for a 19.9% equity stake.
Mark also demonstrated interest, proposing $600,000 for a 15% equity stake.
Barbara modified her offer to $600,000 for a 15% equity stake along with a $600,000 line of credit.

Ultimately, Harry Levin and Michael Sweigart accepted Lori’s offer of a 15% equity stake.

Post Shark Tank Success:

After the Shark Tank episode featuring FurZapper aired, the product garnered extensive media attention. It was featured in notable publications like Forbes, the New York Post, Newsweek, CBS, Southern Living, Boing Boing, and many more.

Lori’s investment in FurZapper enabled the company to advance its manufacturing capabilities, resulting in significant profitability. The post on their Instagram account revealed the product’s high demand, and due to overwhelming orders, they sold out, focusing on shipping and fulfilling existing orders, even if some customers experienced slight shipping delays.

In August 2021, FurZapper participated in North America’s Largest Pet Retail Superzoo, further expanding its presence in the market.

The company continued to evolve by introducing new products, such as Lintzapper Portable Lint Sheets and the Grooming Glove.

Current Status of FurZapper:

As of April 2023, FurZapper continues to experience substantial growth. The company has expanded its product range to include items like caps, t-shirts, and more. In addition, FurZapper’s “FurZapper Double Pack Pet Hair Remover for Your Laundry” holds the title of the No. 1 Best Selling Product in the Lint Removers Category on Amazon.

The company is estimated to achieve $5 million in annual sales by April 2023.

FurZapper’s Net Worth:

Thanks to its remarkable growth on platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and its appearance on Shark Tank, their net worth has grown significantly. The valuation following the Shark Tank deal stands at $6 million.

FurZapper’s Ongoing Business:

FurZapper remains an active and thriving business as of April 2023. Amazon and Walmart continue to be the primary platforms for sales, with the 2 PK FurZapper Pet Hair Remover currently listed as a best-seller on Amazon, garnering praise from thousands of satisfied customers. More than 36,000 users have rated the product, with 41% awarding it a 5-star rating.

With the revenue generated by them reaching the million-dollar mark, the product has become a significant contender in its niche. The brand faces competition from other similar products by companies like Ganbaro and Raviio, which also offer pet hair removal solutions on Amazon.

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In summary, FurZapper’s journey post-Shark Tank has been one of growth, innovation, and success. The company has expanded its product range, received numerous awards, and maintained its status as a best-seller on Amazon. FurZapper, with its unique and effective pet hair removal solution, has solidified its place in the market and remains a thriving business in 2023.

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